【周叶】Footprints of Time 时之足授权英译03 新年快乐!! 半江: LOFTER doesn't have italics so I used unerlines instead. All the underlined part should be italicized. 19年第一天发一章存稿,然后准备出(lang)差(du)开(lun)会(wen)去啦。 Proofread by @TheTwinGardeners (母语小天使,超级仔细!) And a Happy New Year!!!!! How could it be… a Terra Cotta Warrior? Zhou Zeke stepped closer. Grooves formed between his eyebrows. Hands on the glass, he murmured, “the Weeping Angel…” Isn’t it supposed to be a weeping ANGEL? Ye Xiu nodded beside him, “Yeah. These creatures know what to do when in China. Weeping Angel statues are rarely found around here, not even in the cemeteries. But the Terra Cotta Warriors are placed in many tourist spots. Hengdian Qin Dynasty Palace is crowded with these figures. Quite a smart move.” Zhou Zekai was lost for words – it was the first time he had heard of such a case… well, okay, Ye Xiu had brought him so many “first times” that he shouldn't feel surprised. Every Time Lord, before hitting the road, would do a comprehensive study about the basic information covering every aspect of the universe; the amount is shockingly voluminous. Fast learner as he was, it took Zhou Zekai forty years to finish this preparation. While on the road, he was never satisfied with the knowledge acquired and kept learning, so that he could cope with any situations in any time and space. And about the Weeping Angels, the information is a key point to learn. Because every Time Lord is a feast in the eyes of a Weeping Angel. “How did you find it?” Ye Xiu asked, “Has anyone been zapped to the past?” Qiao Yifan shook his head, “Fortunately, no. Luo Ji made a system upgrade for the prediction scanner to monitor the time rift activity with better precision. The rate has been up to 80%. Yesterday we detected fluctuations in Hengdian. Luo Ji and Baozi arrived in time, found and identified it immediately. Of course, we should also thank Senior Zhou for informing us beforehand.” No. I don’t know anything at all. Zhou Zekai suddenly realized that his future self had dug a big grave for him to jump in. He felt a bit awkward. He came to the Earth just for vacation. Really. “I wonder when Luo Ji reaches his limits. Such a tech guy yet you are sending him to do legwork.” Qiao Yifan smiled, “even the brightest brain needs a breath of fresh air.” Ye Xiu took out the sonic screwdriver from his pocket, and pressed the button towards the door. After a buzz of electric sound, the delicate door opened. “… Actually, what we want to study is this.” An Wenyi seemed covet. The sonic screwdriver spun trickily between Ye Xiu’s fingers. His mouth curved up smugly, “it’s gonna take a very, very, very long time.” While the three stared longingly at the…hm, screwdriver, which could hack into all kinds of electronic devices – yes it was sonic technology, but it was still a screwdriver – Zhou Zekai had taken the lead to walk into the quarantine and came straight to the iron fence. He stood so close that he could touch the Terra Cotta Warrior literally within reach. “Oh man. Xiao-Zhou, take my turn to stare at it, could you? My eyeballs are falling out.” The motionless middle-aged man spoke finally, palms covering the eyes, and shook his head, “Great Academician Guan, have you found anything yet? Your work better be worth your salary.” Guan Rongfei shook his head, yet there was not a sign of frustration but utter excitement on his face, “Nothing. There is nothing. However I scan it, it’s stone. Mainly calcium carbonate. No matter how I look at it, it doesn’t seem to be –” “Alive.” Zhou Zekai declared, “It is a living creature.” “The oldest species in the universe.” Ye Xiu came in. The heels of leather boots sounded quite clear. “No one knows their origin. Not even the Time Lords could figure it out. It’s only speculated that they are as old as the universe.” “It’s impossible. No creature can survive this long.” Guan Rongfei argued immediately. “Yet it’s standing right in front of you. But in a different appearance. Usually they are angels who cover their faces with their hands, hence the name Weeping Angels. For the most part, they appear in western countries. It’s the first time I’ve seen one in China. Probably because they didn’t learn to make themselves look like Terra Cotta Warriors before?” Ye Xiu pointed at it, “They have the most perfect defense system. The Time Lords call them… er, Xiao-Zhou, what’s the name again?” “The lonely assassins.” “Yes, lonely assassins.” Ye Xiu nodded seriously, and with comfortable familiarity he took up the introduction that Zhou Zekai should have been giving, as if he had done it umpteen times, “they are quantum-locked, which means, when somebody sees them, they don’t exist. They freeze into rock. And no one is hopeless enough to kill a stone.” “But a stone can’t kill you either, eh?” Wei Chen was still rubbing his eyes. “Of course it can’t. But when you turn your head away, when you blink, it will take the chance and make you disappear – ZAP! Gone without a trace. Of course you’re not dead. But in a way, for the people in the present, you’re dead, because it sent you to the past.” Ye Xiu sized up the Terra Cotta Warrior. In silence, with its head drooping, it looked so harmless. “It feeds on time. It consumes the time you might have had after the present point of time. As for you, you will die alone in some unknown corner in history.” That’s why the information about Weeping Angels is selected into the Universe 101 that a Time Lord must learn. The Time Lords, with almost infinite amount of time, and their TARDIS, with a world of time energy in there, are at the top of Weeping Angels’ food list. If these Angels can seize one Time Lord and his TARDIS as prey they'll never be in want of food. Once there was a Time Lord who got hit. Luckily he managed to get contact with his companion. The pity was that the TARDIS was gone ever since. Zhou Zekai thought to himself, and felt quite a headache: Well then. He basically posted himself here, free delivery, plus two TARDISes as gifts. “Can I have a look?” Guan Rongfei grabbed Zhou Zekai who stood closest to him, “let me see how it moves!” Zhou Zekai shook his head. Ye Xiu was calm and collected, “its ok if for only a second. The detector will record the readings the second it becomes alive. We’ve got a fence anyways. All we have to do is to blink together. It won’t get out. What, Xiao-Zhou? You want Lao-Guan to pester you?” Although he didn’t know what it was like, Zhou Zekai could tell from Ye Xiu’s words the horror of being pestered by the science maniac. “…Okay.” Nothing should go wrong within a split second of a blink Ye Xiu snapped his fingers, “On my mark. Three. Two. One. Blink!” “Argh!” Darkness fell for a mere fifth of a second. When they opened their eyes again, what appeared in front of them compelled the screams of surprise out of their lips – the warrior figure, which had been standing still, was now holding the fence bars to pull them apart. The sturdy iron bars were pulled 30 centimeters apart. The drooping head was now raised up, revealing a hideous face with a wide open mouth and bared fangs! “Detected! Detected!” Guan Rongfei was the first to come to himself. He hugged the detector and gave it a few kisses before dragging it away, not reluctant to leave the petrified statue at all, “Off to the analysis work!” Wei Chen patted his chest, “Jeez that almost gave me a heart attack! Now put it back inside!” Qiao Yifan and An Wen Yi started to push the warrior figure inside. But the petrified hands were inseparably cemented around the iron bars. “We have to seal the room completely.” Qiao Yifan sighed, “Let’s get out first.” Wei Chen stepped back while continuously staring at it, and cursing, “Damn this shit can’t stay here. Now it’s stone, right? Get us a cutting machine and it’ll be dead when it’s cut in pieces, eh?” Ye Xiu sneered, “If it’s that easy, the Weeping Angels should be extinct by now. Do you know why Xiao-Zhou warned you not to leave any image materials? Pictures, film, anything with the image of a Weeping Angel would eventually become a Weeping Angel. If you cut them up, huh, are you helping to increase the number of earthworms?” “… then seal it in cement for the South China Sea land reclamation project?” Wei Chen started to struggle for ideas. Zhou Zekai shook his head, “Can get out.” Looking at the bent bars through the glass, Wei Chen swallowed hard as a silent agreement, “Then what do we do? With strength like that I gather our quarantine is of no use. We can’t have our guys staying here 24/7 to practice one eye blinking. My eyelids are getting cramps!” Ye Xiu smiled with a hehe, “That’s easy. Get it a mirror and make it look at itself. Frozen forever!” Wei Chen was dumbfounded, “The heck? You can do that?” Ye Xiu tapped his shoulder, “Why not? Just be careful to keep the lights on. Let the Narcissus have a life for himself alone.” As if in response to his words, by the end of the sentence, the whole corridor fell into the dark with a clap. A BLACKOUT! The shroud of darkness had never brought such biting chill. The fear did not permeate from outside, but rose from inside. It encroached every tissue of the body along the nerves. Although the EXIT sign on the wall was still giving off green fluorescence, everybody knew – It wouldn’t help. Unless they could clearly see the dangerous creature in the quarantine, it wouldn’t help. Had they been outside, anyone would take out their phone and light up the screen. But not in here. Glory is on such a high security rating with its own interior lines that none of the members are allowed to carry mobile phones! They didn’t have anything for illumination! Crack! It was… the sound of the glass breaking! …Run! That word popped up in their mind with a strong presence. Before they could make a step, a snick drowned out their pounding heartbeats. In the dark, a tiny feeble flame flickered with full vigor, lighting up the calm face of Ye Xiu. The fingers of the Terra Cotta Warrior stopped just half a centimeter from Ye Xiu’s nose. Lighting a cigarette nonchalantly, Ye Xiu took a deep draw and exhaled the smoke at the hideous face so close to him, chuckling, “Told ya. Banning smoking here is nonsense.” Zhou Zekai put down his gun. Had Ye Xiu not ignited the lighter in time, he would definitely choose to shoot – even if it was extremely likely to hit someone by accident in such a closed environment, the laser gun could give off a sparkle, which could bring them a breathing space. But… Zhou Zekai took another look at Ye Xiu. He should be the food resource that was most likely to attract a Weeping Angel. Why was its first attack targeted at… Ye Xiu? Ye Xiu cupped his left hand around the flame, trolling, “Lao-Wei, your power supply has worried me to such a disturbing degree.” Wei Chen laid his fingertip on the earpiece for a quick inquiry, and then explained, “The system was under attack just now. The hackers got to the database. Luo Ji had to shut down the power out of emergency. It’ll be back online in three minutes.” “…Hm.” Ye Xiu nodded thoughtfully. “I’ve sent someone for the mirror, and then we’ll get it a room with a separate circuit.” Zhou Zekai shook his head at him, “No.” “Xiao-Zhou means, it can’t stay here. You can’t keep it watched in this case. ” Ye Xiu shook his head , “we have to take it away, to somewhere forever bright for its self-admiration by the mirror.” “Is there such a place?” An Wenyi started pondering. “Kid, it’s a universe full of surprises.” Ye Xiu grabbed his hat and winked, “just leave the mirror to us.” Three minutes later the world was lit up again. Wei Chen not only found a full-length mirror but also fixed it with the Terra Cotta Warrior in a rack. Except natural catastrophes like M8 earthquakes, nothing could separate the “No-longer-head-drooping-Warrior” and the mirror. It was going to enjoy itself till the end of the universe. Looking at the Weeping Angel in the Terra Cotta Warrior’s disguise standing in his TARDIS, Zhou Zekai assumed that no other Time Lords could experience such absvrdity. “Nice trip! Thank you for this time. Well, I was wondering, for all those years we’ve known each other, when can I get a ride in Cloud Piercer? ” Wei Chen caressed the “sports coupe” and didn’t seem to let go, as if his hands were glued on it. Zhou Zekai shook his head in serious rejection – the TARDIS, to her Time Lord, is a very personal space. An emergency lift to rescue people in need is one thing, but inviting someone to a ride is another. Zhou Zekai had just met the man who knew the future him. Even if in the future, Zhou Zekai thought, he wouldn’t invite a casual acquaintance to his… home. Yes, home. So… Zhou Zekai looked back at Ye Xiu, who had started to fiddle with the console. How exceptional would someone be, Zhou Zekai thought to himself, that he could trust him with the key to his home. “Tsk, tsk.” Seeing Zhou Zekai turn his head, Wei Chen teased, “I know, I know. That lovely love nest of yours. Cringey couple . You guys have now… Never mind. I don’t want to ask. You two must have known .” Zhou Zekai could only smile. “Now off you go.” Wei Chen waved them off, “My eyes hurt already and they’re getting worse seeing your PDA. Hate me this much?” “See you.” Zhou Zekai meant what he said. Although they had just met, Zhou Zekai could tell his character. He was going to acquaint himself with this man for sure. He was a time traveler. The timey-wimey timelines were the first thing he learned to process. He was experienced. The door was closed. Zhou Zekai turned around and walked up behind Ye Xiu, “Where?” “26-α. 20 kilometers underground.” “26-α?” Zhou Zekai was confused. It was an extremely barren planet which no one bothered to develop. With its mere two hours of daylight in the forty-eight hours of a day, it seemed the least possible to fit the bill; let alone the underground place Ye Xiu mentioned. Ye Xiu poured a packet of salt skillfully and fired up the engine. A few seconds later, he dashed to the door but went back just when he was about to open it. He picked up the cane on the railing, and fixed the top hat on his head as well as the tie around his neck. Then he pushed the door open – “I’ve always wanted to show you this. A wonderland in a mortal world.” The sapphire fluorescence beamed into Zhou Zekai’s eyes, catching him by surprise. He stepped over slowly, almost scrupulously, out of the TARDIS, and looked around. As he had yet to realize it, a smile crept across his face. It was a huge cavern covered with crystals sparkling with blue fluorescence, lighting up a wonderland where the sunlight failed to reach. Zhou Zekai felt as if he were vandalizing this place just by setting foot here. He didn’t even dare to make a sound from breathing. A hand slid into his. Zhou Zekai took it subconsciously. Led by the pull from it, he staggered along on the rugged ground and soon arrived at a flat clearing. The cane Ye Xiu insisted on taking was tossed aside. His warm body nestled up against Zhou Zekai, who was led to start swaying rhythmically, as if dancing to a soundless piece of music; except that it was not dance moves. They just cuddled, gently swaying to and fro. “An hour ago, I was at a ball in Windsor Castle.” Ye Xiu whispered. “All the revelries and toasts in that festive gathering. I stood at the window with a glass of wine that I couldn’t drink. I could only look at the moon, thinking: if only you were here.” Ye Xiu gazed at him. His eyes seemed to be brimming with words. But even with the TARDIS that can translate any languages in the universe, Zhou Zekai still failed to interpret any of them. Except that – Ye Xiu wanted his kiss. Zhou Zekai was absolutely certain. This was outright temptation. It shouldn’t be so fast. It was only the second time he had met Ye Xiu. Zhou Zekai silently lashed the idea, but involuntarily came up so close that he could count each and every one of Ye Xiu’s eyelashes and mark their length – Beep! The communicator ran, bringing the romantic scene to an abrupt end. As if startled, Zhou Zekai let go of Ye Xiu and took a step back. He glanced over the communicator – it was an emergency call. The coordinates were sent. His vacation was cancelled. “Alright, my General Zhou. Gallifrey just can’t survive a minute without you.” Zhou Zekai was confused for a second, and soon he came around. They said nothing more but went back into the TARDIS. Soon they shoved the Terra Cotta Warrior out and fixed it there in place. Zhou Zekai entered the coordinates according to the message. Ye Xiu was leaning against the console with his arms crossed, and out of the blue, he spoke, “I mean, Xiao-Zhou, you're not going to leave just like that, are you?” Just as Zhou Zekai turned his head, a pair of lips covered his. Unlike the surprise when they first met, this time Zhou Zekai went in immediately to chase Ye Xiu’s tongue, frolicking, tangling up. It felt good, Zhou Zekai had to admit, though it was bound to be a brief kiss. “The victory kiss.” Ye Xiu pulled the handle for him. This time, Ye Xiu and his “newsstand” didn’t take the ride. As the TARDIS dematerialized, they were left inside the cavern. Zhou Zekai watched Ye Xiu’s profile shifting between transparency and opacity, and in the end, he heard an utterance full of delight, “Next time we meet, I’ll kiss you as soon as I see you.” Zhou Zekai was about to burst into laughter. He cleared his throat, feeling thankful that the TARDIS had taken off when he slipped the pfft, so Ye Xiu didn’t see… hmm, probably not. He went to the dressing room to change into the battle costume before he pushed the TARDIS door open and strode out. “Major Zhou Zekai.” A smiling elder greeted him. Zhou Zekai knew this old man. He was one of the oldest, highly exalted Time Lords who each had at least regenerated ten times and witnessed Gallifrey’s change in time. He saluted immediately, but as he looked around, he found he was not on the battlefield. He thought it was some planet invasion that called him back out of emergency. The call seems even more urgent considering the fact that Time Lords have a flexible vacation schedule: after all, the man who disappears from a battlefield for one minute could actually have been wandering on a level 3 planet for a year. Sensing Zhou Zekai’s puzzled look, the elder smiled and explained, “Please follow me, Major Zhou. The emergency call is actually not for an emergency. It is just…a promotion ceremony.” Zhou Zekai didn’t seem surprised – this time he would at least be promoted to Lieutenant Colonel; or Colonel, if lucky. But there was still some way to go until General as Ye Xiu mentioned. But he would get there. The possibility had become certainty. Zhou Zekai followed the elder towards the auditorium. After a few seconds of silence, he finally spoke, “Sir.” “Yes?” “A question I have.” The elder looked benignly at him, “Go ahead.” “Not a Time Lord. Flying a TARDIS. Is that possible?” The elder threw him a faint smile, “TARDISes can only be flown by Time Lords, because the knowledge it takes can hardly be acquired by other species, even for a lifetime. Time Lords are endowed with the highest wisdom. We can learn to fly a TARDIS within ten years. But for other lives, it probably takes thousands of years to understand the TARDIS coordinates, doesn’t it? No life can be as long-lived as such. What happened, son? Did you meet such a person? If you did, it is probably someone from us who used the Chameleon Arch(*) to change his DNA.” Zhou Zekai simply smiled and ceased talking. Translator's Note (for non Doctor Who audience): Chameleon Arch: a Time Lord tech that looks like a watch. If a Time Lord uses the chameleon arch to rewrite his DNA, he will biologically and psychologically become another species. For example, set it to human and the TARDIS will take care of everything: invent a life story for the Time Lord, find him a setting and integrate him. He will be so convinced of that story that he becomes so human to the point of forgetting his true identity... until he opens the watch and everything (the memories and the powers of the Time Lord) returns to him. You can say it stores up everything Time Lord. AO3 敏感词查了半天结果是abs*rdity?????这个词哪里敏感了?这个词被敏感了还真是贴合他本身的词义啊【 2019-01-02 热度(190) 评论(4)
【周叶】爆炸案的共犯(一) 哨向啊!!抱住狐狸不放!谢谢!!! 云狐不归: ※我流架空哨向背景 ※哨兵周X向导叶 ※我搞到真的哨兵向导了【 ※中篇,吧 白塔,二十四层,哨兵关押室。 这里可以说是白塔戒备最森严的地方,但戒备的并不是外来袭击者,而是被关押的哨兵。 轮回军区首席哨兵周泽楷已经被关在里面三天了。 人工合成材料制成的墙壁有强大的抗打击能力,同时也完全屏蔽了来自外界的声音,关押室内静到能让普通人发疯。 但这对周泽楷来说刚刚好,在他耳中这个空空如也的房间依然充满了声音,他能听见心脏跳动,能听见血液奔流,也能听见轻微的呼吸,对于一生都饱受过于发达的五感折磨的哨兵来说,这里已经算得上是难得的休憩之地。 周泽楷坐在唯一的一张单人床上,他知道这房间起码藏了十来个监视器,所以他没有说话,当然要周泽楷主动自言自语,难度不亚于让霸图军区的首席向导张新杰熬夜蹦迪。 周泽楷闭上眼睛,再一次梳理事件的来龙去脉。 首先,轮回军区边缘发生爆炸案,警方带着人第一时间抵达现场,爆炸的地方是某个港口的仓库,爆炸的原因是生活用煤气泄漏。 自此案件内情都可以说非常简单,不过是仓库看守人员造成的意外事故,但现场调查的警方发现藏在被烧毁的沙发下的入口,揭开了藏在地下室的数具向导尸体,经法医鉴定,这几名向导都是一氧化碳窒息死亡,而顺着这条线,警方发现了潜伏在港口暗处的向导贩卖组织。 于是本该是意外事故的爆炸案顿时升级,最高级介入调查,周泽楷作为轮回军区首席被带入白塔。 这一连串的事故给周泽楷的时间太短,他甚至来不及亲自调查一下,白塔完全切断了他和轮回的联系,三天时间不长不短,一切事态都处于薛定谔的盒子阶段。 盒子不打开,谁也不知道里面装的是炸弹还是玫瑰。 周泽楷伸手揉了揉眉心,军区内部发生这么大的向导贩卖案他难辞其咎,问题是这个组织究竟是从什么时候开始的,他们在轮回潜伏了多久?为什么之前多次巡逻一点踪迹都没查到?而且爆炸案真的只是意外?还是有人刻意为之? 谜团太多,线索太少,周泽楷久违地感受到了自己的无力,哨兵的身体素质再出众,在这种时候也束手无策。 就在周泽楷脑子一团糟的时候,房间的门突然被打开了。 为了照顾哨兵过度发达的五感,关押室的灯光调得比较暗,门打开的一瞬间,周泽楷被突然涌入的刺目灯光晃了眼,他下意识偏过头,微微眯起眼睛。 精神比眼睛更先感受到那个人的到来,柔软的精神触梢拂过周泽楷的身边,携裹着每一个哨兵渴求的宁静和空白。 只是瞬间的恍惚之后,周泽楷就感觉到有人站在他面前,他抬起头,还没来得及看清来人的面目,一只手就覆在他的双眼之上。 从门打开的那一刻,周泽楷就觉得自己作为军人的警戒和本能都罢了工,他居然放任一个不认识的人近身,几乎像是猛兽向人露出要害。 但那个人半点要攻击他的意思都没有,他语带笑意,落在周泽楷的耳旁。 “初次见面,小周,不管你之前认不认识我,我们都再来认识一下。” “兴欣军区首席向导叶修,同时也是你的保释人。” 随着“咔嗒”一声,手环严丝密合地扣在周泽楷的左手腕,他看见接合处的红灯闪烁两下,熄灭了。 叶修抬起右手,向周泽楷展示自己手上一模一样的手环:“白塔的要求,算是保释你出来的一点小小代价。” 周泽楷见过这玩意,24小时不间隔向终端发射GPS定位信号,而且手环一般成对存在,手环间距离超过一百米就会开启警报。 全面扫描后,周泽楷终于跟在叶修身后踏出哨兵关押室,白塔的内部如同它的名字一般,白得彻头彻尾,人行走其中像是病菌一样格格不入。 白的灯光白的墙,从地面到天花板,都是纤尘不染的白色,孙翔最不喜欢白塔,周泽楷曾听他嘲讽说不知道一年下来打扫这地方就要花多少钱,真是吃饱了撑的。 周泽楷总觉得这句话是江波涛教他的,虽然这位轮回的首席向导平日里并未表现出对白塔的半点不满。 说到首席向导,周泽楷不由得望向身边的人,叶修身上妥妥帖帖地穿着兴欣军区的制服,扣子也一颗颗系好了,但总给人一种懒散凌乱的错觉。 “怎么了?还有什么问题么?”向导对于人的情绪变化向来敏感得过分,走进电梯,叶修微微歪着头,目光仍然看着电梯门,嘴里的话却是在问周泽楷。 “我认识你。”结果周泽楷冒出一句风马牛不相及的话,饶是叶修也花了点时间才反应过来,周泽楷是在回答他那句“不管你之前认不认识我”。 “你这反射弧也是够长的。”叶修低声笑出来,他拿出惯用的气死人不偿命的调调,“也对,你们这些小辈应该都是听着我的英勇事迹长大的,如果你实在想要签名,看在我们现在在同一边的份上,我也可以大发慈悲给你签几张。” “不是,不要签名。”周泽楷眨眨眼睛,他倒是个老实孩子,“三年前,我在白塔见过你。” “三年前?”叶修没想到是这么个答案,他开始努力回想了下三年前发生了什么。 但这件事周泽楷记得清清楚楚,那时候白塔发生了件惊天动地的大事,在兴欣首席向导叶修的推动下,白塔被迫废除了哨兵向导的强制配对。 是的,直到三年前那场风波之前,向导和哨兵的配对都是由白塔对其基因进行分析后进行强制配对,哨兵和向导也是不允许和普通人通婚的。 周泽楷本来该在次年进行向导配对,结果叶修这么一闹,配对自然打了水漂,不过不得不说这实在是让周泽楷松了口气,他没有经历过结合热,也不明白前辈们所说的灵魂吸引,他只是单纯很难想象要和一个素未谋面的人共度一生。 在条例废除的最后阶段,各大军区都派人前来参会,周泽楷就是轮回的代表,他还记得那时候叶修独自一人站在白塔委员会的面前,这个站没站相的人,却莫名让周泽楷觉得,没有什么东西能压弯他的脊背。 他听见叶修说,我们只是想活得像个人,这有什么不对。 而今天,这个人站在他面前,告诉他,自己成了他的保释人。 叶修自然不是来做慈善的,他以兴欣首席向导的身份保释周泽楷,要求是周泽楷必须协助他进行兴欣境内某桩案件的调查。 “很巧的是,这桩兴欣境内的偷渡案,也涉及了向导,如果彻查下去,运气好的话说不定也能搞清楚轮回境内的爆炸案是怎么回事,那你也算将功抵罪。”那时候在哨兵关押室,叶修靠在墙边,慢条斯理地和周泽楷分析利害,“你若是等在这里,最后就算查清爆炸案和你无关,你也必须从首席哨兵的位子下去。” “到那时候,十有八九,轮回的首席哨兵,会是白塔指定,你也不愿意看到这个局面,对吧。” 其实叶修无需说这么多,周泽楷早已在心里理清了局面,他这几天最担心的就是这件事。 轮回军区在各大军区中算是后起之秀,周泽楷早就隐隐感觉到了其他人对轮回的垂涎之意,不过碍于轮回的首席哨兵,都不得不把手缩了回去。 周泽楷几乎没有犹豫就答应了。 金属门缓缓开启,周泽楷刚踏出电梯,就发现有人在等着他们。 老人坐在轮椅上,他放在腿上的双手仿佛干枯的树枝,简直不像是活物。 “叶修。”老人眯起眼睛。 “原来是古先生,真巧。”叶修说话的语气轻松得像是和朋友讨论天气。 周泽楷这才反应过来,这位古先生正是白塔十三位委员之一。 “小周来,我们让让,可别挡了古先生的路。”周泽楷都不知道叶修这句是别有用意还是无心之语,但明显古先生认为是前者,他冷哼一声,说:“叶修,你别太嚣张,这里是至高无上的白塔,永远都是——” “这里可从来不是白塔。” 叶修突然打断古先生的话,他收了笑意,认真地说:“外面的人瞎叫就算了,难道古先生都忘了,这里,这座塔的名字,是‘加拉尔’?” 北欧神话中,神族居住在阿斯加德,海姆达尔身为阿斯加德的守卫,手中所握便是神赐的号角,加拉尔。 “这座塔就是所有哨兵向导的‘加拉尔’,永远警示,永远嘹亮。” “古先生这是老糊涂了,连这都忘了?” TBC。 —————————————————————————————— 大家好,我就是那个用哨向写清水 【闭嘴】 这篇是送给@ @ TheTwinGardeners雪莉的生贺,希望不会写到明年她生日【还是闭嘴吧你 大概是个几万字的中篇,奶不死的好么,绝对不会变成长篇【FLAG】 2018-11-19 热度(614)
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